Sorbothane Ultra Graphite Arch Supports - FREE S&H!

Sorbothane Ultra Graphite Arch Supports - FREE S&H!

Sorbothane Ultra Graphite Arch Supports - FREE S&H!
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Product Description

Ultra Graphite Arch is the highest quality insole available anywhere.  It's designed for those who require arch support, energy return and foot strike protection.  The graphite arch support is made from the same material prescribed for many custom orthotics.  Sorbothane® inlays in the heel and forefoot provide maximum foot shock protection while the Poron® cover wicks away moisture from your feet for a cool, dry fit.


The professionals at recommend this product as outlined below:

Best For These Symptoms:

Ball of Foot Pain bursitis, callous, neuroma, neuritis, nerve pain, poor foot cushion, dropped metatarsal, thin skin, metatarsalgia, capsulitis, high arch...
Arch Pain plantar fasciitis, flat feet, no arch, pronated feet, excessive pronation, arch support needed...
Heel Pain (Bottom of Heel) heel pain, heel spur, hurts with first steps...

Best For These Activities:

Everyday Activities daily activities, chores, shopping, lawn work...
Prolonged Standing activities or work requiring standing in same general area for extended periods...
Fitness Walking Extended walks for exercise, travel & sightseeing...
Running running, jogging, power walking...


General Cushioning cushioning is distributed evenly throughout the insole
Extra Forefoot Cushioning cushioning is concentrated at the ball of the foot
Extra Heel Cushioning cushioning is concentrated in the bottom of the heel
Soft Arch Support insoles provide arch support but are flexible

Best For These Shoe Styles:

Athletic/Walking walking, running, court & turf type shoes
Hiking various hiking, work, hunting and fishing shoes & boots


  • Sorbothane®...Up to 94.7% Shock Absorption
  • Polyurethane Foam...Support & Comfort
  • Poron®...Cool & Dry
  • Dri-Lex®...Draws Moisture Away


A Not Available 6 - 6˝ - 7
B 5 - 5˝ -6 7˝ - 8 - 8˝
C 6˝ - 7 - 7˝ 9 - 9˝ - 10
D 8 - 8˝ - 9 10˝ - 11 - 11˝
E 9˝ - 10 - 10˝ 12 - 12˝ - 13
F 11 - 11˝ - 12 Not Available
G 12˝ - 13 - 13˝ Not Available

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