BioSole-GEL Women's Dress Gel Orthotics - FREE S&H!

BioSole-GEL Women's Dress Gel Orthotics - FREE S&H!

BioSole-GEL Women's Dress Gel Orthotics - FREE S&H!
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Product Description

All BioSole-GEL™ are high performance prefabricated orthotics with custom orthotic performance!

The BioSole-GEL™ - WOMEN'S DRESS is an ultra-thin (1/16" thick) insole, specially designed to prevent the foot from slipping out of the shoe, even in High-Heels!



The professionals at recommend this product as outlined below:

Best For These Symptoms:

General Foot Pain painful feet, foot soreness, aching feet, tired feet, sensitive feet, excess pressure, poor foot cushion, diabetes related pain, neuropathy pain, muscle pain, arthritis, joint pain, knee pain, shin splints, foot injury...
Arch Pain plantar fasciitis, flat feet, no arch, pronated feet, excessive pronation, arch support needed...
Heel Pain (Bottom of Heel) heel pain, heel spur, hurts with first steps...

Best For These Activities:

Everyday Activities daily activities, chores, shopping, lawn work...


Firm Arch Support insoles provide arch support and provide medium firmness (we do not offer rigid arch supports since they are frequently uncomfortable)
Conforms to Foot insoles that mold to your foot for a custom fit

Best For These Shoe Styles:

Woman's Narrow/Flats women's dress shoes & boots having little or no heel lift
High Heels high heel shoes & boots

Features and benefits of all BioSole-GEL™ high performance prefabricated orthotics include:

Precise, Self-Conforming Support:   Provided by a multi-layer construction which dynamically conforms to the contours of the foot while keeping its resiliency.

Ultimate Heel-Pain Relief:   Provided by the gel padded heel-cup, combined with a special recess under the heel.

Unsurpassed Comfort: Provided by the even pressure dispersion and cushioning effect of the gel.



A 5 - 5½
B 6 - 6½
C 7 - 7½
D 8 - 8½
E 9 - 9½
F 10 - 10½

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