Biosole-Gel Sport Women's Orthotics

Biosole-Gel Sport Women's Orthotics

Biosole-Gel Sport Women's Orthotics
Item# BiosportF

Product Description

BioSole-Gel are medical grade orthotic insoles that provide customized support and maximum comfort from heel to toe. They are used by podiatrists as first choice for treating plantar fasciitis, heel pain, flat feet, bunions and ball of the foot pain.

Features and Benefits

Customized Arch Support - Unique bladder design, filled with polyurethane foam and cushioning Gel, dynamically shapes to the contours of the foot. It provides customized support and alleviates discomfort and fatigue off your feet, all the way up your knees and low-back. Heel Pain Relief - A deep heel seat padded with Gel along with trampoline design under the heel works wonders for heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis. Maximum Cushioning - EVA cushioning foam forms to the unique contours of your foot for maximum relief of pressure points and comfort. Wicking Away Perspiration Polyester mesh lining provides a soft, friction-free surface that wicks away perspiration. Lasting Relief at a fraction of the cost of custom orthotics - Biosole-Gel innovative orthotics function as close as it gets to custom made orthotic to alleviate heel, foot, knee and back pain, but cost 90% less.

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